Thursday, 4 October 2012

Busy Days at Living Links (Edinburgh Zoo)

(Living, 3, Oct 2012) - Over the past 2 weeks the Living Links team has had some busy days with visitors.

On Sunday the 23rd of September we had the St Andrews University PsychSoc visit Budongo and Living Links. They received an intro talk from Prof Andy Whiten and had guided tours from the Budongo keepers and Living Links research staff. They even had a chance to see a live demonstration of Mark Bowler and Emily Messer’s research into fur rubbing with capuchin monkeys.

"Feed me humans"

Monkey Medicine – A mini- documentary about fur rubbing can be viewed at

Then on Monday evening of the 24th of September delegates from the Animal Concepts Conference entitled Animal Welfare: Emotion, Cognition and Behaviour enjoyed two ‘talkettes’ by Prof Andy Whiten, one an introduction to the Living Links/Budongo Consortium and the other on primate minds.

The delegates also received tours of both facilities and enjoyed a brief photo shoot in the rain at our Primate Family Tree.

"Come here random zoo folk, we need a publicity photo"

Also as part of the Animal Concepts conference Dr Alex Weiss of our Living Links board gave a talk on animal personality and welfare.

"This my dear friends is a wild CHAV"

To view some of Dr.Weiss’s work on personality, visit the website below

Finally, yesterday our Living Links Team presented a variety of talks to the RZSS Adult Class and again they received tours of our facilities, including a visit to the thick billed parrots with Dr Amanda Seed to see our birds partake in some cognitive research.

"If that bird shits on me again...."

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